Posted in June 2012

How one man’s dream saved my daughter’s life.

Currently, I am at St Jude with my daughters. We are surrounded by families fighting for their children’s lives. Some will win, some won’t. Today, 6/22/2012, the hospital is celebrating their 50 year anniversary. This place has meant so much to us in the 5 years we have been here. It has taught us that … Continue reading


What’s it like being married to me? And other dangerous questions.

As a summer study the women at Sunrise Baptist are reading Linda Dillow’s book, What’s It Like Being Married To Me? And Other Dangerous Questions. The book is an amazing eye opener into what life must look like for my husband, and let me tell you its not all rainbows and unicorns. (I guess if … Continue reading


Are You Choosing Hope?

In some of my worst nightmares, I am alone. Fear of living consumes me and I become a fat old hermit who swats at dreams like flies. Instead of reaching for my goals the worst of nightmares becomes remaining, staying. I become nothing more than who I am today. In some of my best dreams … Continue reading