Where’s the magic, Mike?

Will I be watching Magic Mike?

Let me be short and to the point. No.

I value, honor, and respect my husband to much to go ogle naked men on a movie screen. Not sure how it is much different from walking into a strip club. Some of you aren’t going to like my saying this because you want to go see it for the good reviews, and great story that everyone is raving about. Stop for a moment, how is that different from the comment “I only get the magazine for the articles.”

So don’t take my word for it. I went out looking for some guys opinions of the movie and here is what I found.

I’m off to Hooters. Do you want me to bring back some wings?

The Fifty Shades of Magic Mike

2 thoughts on “Where’s the magic, Mike?

  1. Thank you for writing about this! I am so glad to know others out there feel the same way I do about this movie. I have been surprised at the attitude of women nowadays about movies and books that are the equivalent of soft porn for men. Is this the new trend? I think it’s an indication and result of the decline of moral values in America.

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