How to find joy in marriage during a year of separation.

The Esther Project is a personal journey I set out on during John’s first deployment. Rather then complain about my circumstances and the year apart I decided to follow the lead of Esther and prepare my heart and my home “for such a time as this.” It became my goal to take a year and prepare for my husbands return, just as Esther prepared for her King Xerxes.

I drew inspiration from other military wives: present day, historical, and those recorded in the Bible. From their stories I learned how to prepare my heart and home for John’s return and struggled with the challenges of reintegration and redeployment.

As I edit and reevaluate my writings during this time I will be sharing them every Monday here, under The Esther Project. It is my desire and hope that together you and I can be battle buddies in our upcoming seasons of loneliness.

With much love,


*Even if your hubby isn’t a soldier, don’t think you can’t join us. All of us experience times of separation whether it is emotional or physical, whether it is due to employment or health.

3 thoughts on “How to find joy in marriage during a year of separation.

    • Thank you. I am glad you found me and am enjoying reading your blog now. You have some really great posts. I love how you talk about your son and just hearing your heart for God and your family.

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