Friday the 13th- Are you a zombie, werewolf, vampire or none of the above?

In honor of Friday the 13th here is one of my all time favorite sermons “The Walking Dead” by Pastor David Turner (also my father). You can download the audio and power point to the sermon at Bible Studies Online.

I hope you enjoy learning about zombies as much as I did! Click HERE to listen to the sermon.

And if you liked that sermon chances are you will love this book. I did. I’ve had it floating around the youth group ever since.

This is an excellent book by Matt Mikalatos for anyone who has ever struggled with the understanding of being a depraved sinful creature and yet being created in God’s image. Mikalatos is able to present deep theological questions in the guise of light hearted fun.  Surrounded by zombies, werewolves, and vampires Mikalatos wrestles with: the meaning of the word Christian, what is a transformed life, difference of Bible translations and how do we determine which is better, what is a human, transubstantiation, salvation thru works or belief alone, what and who makes up the church, sanctification, and the roll of baptism. The book is light hearted fun. By the end you have laughed and cried your way through questions that haunt every human who has ever wondered if there is more to life then a painful past and an unpromising future. I recommend this book for teens and adults alike. I am recommending that everyone in my youth group read this book.

On a different note I’m thinking of introducing my own kids to a scary movie for the evening but nothing to scary, more silly scary, I want to actually sleep tonight. I’m looking for suggestions. What silly scary movie do you think would be appropriate for a 7, 5, and 3 yr old? PG and G ratings only.

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