Volunteering – Pt 1

I’ve been reading a lot lately on volunteering. Not that I’m looking for ways to volunteer, nope I’m looking to recruit a few. Recruiting volunteers is not just part of my day job, it is also something I’ve volunteered to do. Have I used the V word enough yet? Nope, sorry there’s more Vs coming.

In The New Breed Jonathan McKee talks about courting Vs. How I would love to do this? But a requirement of 5 coffee dates before getting the big YES is just outside of my budget. Unless of course my dates don’t mind my cheapness of office Keurig coffee and a bowl of toasted almonds. Perhaps that’s just it. I need to get creative in my courting and branch away from the franchised goodness of Starbucks. I do love the idea and being a V myself I know that there are a million different organizations competing for my commitment.

Here are just a few of the places you will find me volunteering: FRG Co-Leader, At*Ease, and Cru’s Military Ministry.

So here are some of my questions for those being courted:

What are you looking for in an organization? What makes you say yes to one volunteering role over another? Do you want to be wined and dined or are you just looking for someone who is interested in you as an individual?

And here are some of my questions for those doing the courting:

When courting potential volunteers what are you looking for? How do you know if the one you are recruiting is a good fit or not? What do you do to court your potentials (do you have a budget set aside or do you have some creative inexpensive dates you can share with us)?



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