El Paso, TX (Ft Bliss) is homeschool friendly.

I am jumping back in. Yep my house will eventually look like a solar system, art work will be strung from wall to wall, and bulletin and dry erase boards will take the place of family pictures.

Everyone has a different reason for home schooling. Personally I have a multitude of reasons but the final decision came down to: El Paso is simply a great community to home school in. There are so many opportunities for the kids that they miss out on during school hours. This year our schedule is going to be full with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cross Country Practices, Ice Skating, trips to the Museums, Spanish Class, Art Class, Co-Ops,  road trips to New Mexico, Arkansas, Florida and Tennessee.

Here are just a few of the resources we are tapping into and that make El Paso so home school friendly. Sunrise Baptist Home School Co-Op, Ft Bliss Home School Association, Vista Hills Home School Ministry, Ft Bliss Friday Co-Op, Southwest Home Schooling Network, and all the many field trips and special events coordinated through El Paso Liberty Home School Network

Yesterday I talked a little about how upcoming changes in our home life are effecting the children. I truly believe that home schooling gives them a sense of security.

Education should be fun, hands on, and life long. I’ve also learned that during stressful times, for my own sanity, being tied down to one place with 4 walls and no escape is not healthy. When we first enlisted in the Army the one thing that I was excited about (because yes at first I was an unwilling participant in this new life) was the traveling. The idea of starting fresh every few years, of all the people we would meet and the places we would see thrilled me. So occasionally, I love the freedom of tossing a bag or two in the back of the car and heading out on a little adventure. Home schooling gives us that freedom. This year I’m thinking a Billy the Kid History Lesson/Road Trip is just the sort of adventure my son would love!


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