Have you found your voice in this noisy world?

Have you read the Book of Esther? If not it’s a must read. This woman is a great example to us. Ripped from her family she was forced into a life style she did not desire and spent a year preparing to have one night with the king. And if she was good enough in the sack she would end up his Queen. Nope no pressure.

Like Esther, more than likely like you, I grew up with a much different perspective of who I would one day become. Esther was a Jewish orphan. She probably dreamed of leading a normal life, marrying a normal Jewish husband and having normal Jewish children. Perhaps she even had dreams of returning to Israel and rebuilding, as many of her people were doing. Even if her daydreams took her to being Queen of Persia she never could have imagined being the one person, a Jewess orphan, who stood between her people’s salvation and annihilation.

God calls ordinary people to do some overwhelmingly difficult tasks. What has He called you to do?

Click on the picture to read about a Navy Wife who appears to have found her voice in a world that was drowning it out.

Have you found yours?

One thought on “Have you found your voice in this noisy world?

  1. I have always loved the story of Esther.
    I agree, my life is very different now than what I thought it would be…but in a wonderful way. Having received such grace from God, there is nothing else I can do but keep sharing the grace that has been shown to me.

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