Our Sons and Daughters – If you have ever loved a soldier you will understand this WWII mom

Knock KnockWhile my soldier is gone every unexpected knock at the door sends my imagination into overdrive. I discovered a poet by the name of May Hill recently. She is a mother from World War II who writes poetry about her son, her thoughts, and her prayers.  Every time I stumble upon an author whose view point was of waiting from the homefront it is such a treat. No matter how many decades separate us there is a bond between those who are left behind.

How I would love to have sat and waited over a cup of tea with May Hill.  How much I could have learned from her through her prayers and thoughts. Thankfully we are left with a few of her words. May they bless each and every mother who reads them. May you hear in her words that you are not alone. And for those who are planning on a visit to a friend whose son, daughter, or spouse is away…. please text first.

The Click of the Garden Gate

I hear the click of the garden gate
But it is not he
He comes no more either early or late
To his dinner or tea
He is far away in an Air Force Camp
Learning to fight
(I wonder if his blankets are damp
And if he sleeps well at night)

Not twenty years when went away
Just a boy
He may never again come back to stay
To delight and annoy
Will what he has gained balance what he has lost?
He will change
Will his growth to manhood improve him most?
Or make him change?

I open the casement into his room
So tidy and neat
And the sun shines in and chases the gloom
And the wind blows sweet
Ready for him when, early or late
He comes back home to the sea
I hear the click of the garden gate
But it is not he.
(Perhaps it is Rene coming to tea!)

May Hill, December 1940

To read more about May Hill visit the blog May Hill’s WWII Diaries – Seventy Years On  

To purchase May Hill’s book The Casualties Were Small visit Ambridge Books

Do you have a favorite Word War I or World War II author? Or do you have stories from your own family history you would like to share? I would love to learn about him or her. Leave their name in the comments with a link if you have one.

Our Sons and Daughters – pt 1

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