As I travel through my life, ups and downs and all the crazy side bars, I want to find the joy in every moment.

I have committed my life to be the wife and best friend of one man (who just happens to be an amazing soldier and hero as well), the mother of three amazing children, and a minister of the Gospel.

Forgive me through my blunders, walk with me through my trials, and I promise to always be honest along the journey.

Army life is still fairly new to us as we have lived amongst the 1% for 4 years now and have survived one deployment with more looming in the distance. We have been stationed at Ft Bliss in El Paso, TX for the duration of that time. Together my soldier and I started this crazy job called parenting 8 years ago and have had our share of tears, scraped knees, spilled milk, and medical scares along the way.

Before coming to Ft Bliss I earned my Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and my B.A. in English at the University of Central Arkansas.

I hope you will join me in finding hope in everyday life, through the trials and the mundane.

Hope N. Griffin

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I so wish I had known about this blog during my husband’s last deployment! You are doing marvelous work! I am definitely going to be following your blog. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    • Thank you and congratulations! I saw on your post that you had a baby girl recently and welcomed your husband home. I have every intention of being here for a long time. I’m here if you ever need anything. Good luck on adapting back to life with your soldier. I hope everything goes smoothly and am celebrating with you that your family is whole again.

  2. Hope,

    I responded to your question about prototyping you posted at the Transition Ministries Group website. Let’s open a dialog around this issue to see if you can discover a path that will work in your present situation.

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