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Does porn and chocolate really have anything in common?

Our secret indulgences hurt no one. The things we do late at night affect only our waist line and insomnia. Pornography and Chocolate really have nothing in common, or do they. As an Army Wife I know the struggle of loneliness, the pain of separation. There are quick fixes to sooth these aches and I … Continue reading


Friday the 13th- Are you a zombie, werewolf, vampire or none of the above?

In honor of Friday the 13th here is one of my all time favorite sermons “The Walking Dead” by Pastor David Turner (also my father). You can download the audio and power point to the sermon at Bible Studies Online. I hope you enjoy learning about zombies as much as I did! Click HERE to … Continue reading


Is there a recipe for the perfect marriage? For finding happiness?

I loved The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. That sentence sounds overly cheerful to me. I feel as if unicorns and rainbows should parade across my screen. It is impossible not to look on the bright side of life when studying how to be happier. Rubin breaks down her research into a year of committed … Continue reading