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Volunteering- Pt 2

Training Volunteers (aka Vs) is an essential part of a¬†successful¬†organization, outreach, or project. As an FRG leader I love that training is built in and required before picking up a phone and officially being a key caller or before being handed a checkbook as the treasurer. As the Ministry Director of our church I struggle … Continue reading

Volunteering – Pt 1

I’ve been reading a lot lately on volunteering. Not that I’m looking for ways to volunteer, nope I’m looking to recruit a few. Recruiting volunteers is not just part of my day job, it is also something I’ve volunteered to do. Have I used the V word enough yet? Nope, sorry there’s more Vs coming. … Continue reading

Starting fresh? Don’t do it my way.

I’m staring down at a blank pad of paper with this foreign object called a pen in my hand. The past 24 hours has taught me a few things. ALWAYS back up your hard drive A piece of paper and a pencil are sometimes the safest way to write A fresh start may be frightening … Continue reading

Where’s the magic, Mike?

Will I be watching Magic Mike? Let me be short and to the point. No. I value, honor, and respect my husband to much to go ogle naked men on a movie screen. Not sure how it is much different from walking into a strip club. Some of you aren’t going to like my saying … Continue reading